Conveyor Belt Service Material

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Everything Required for a Conveyor System

Service material for optimum conveyor belt splices. Top quality for bonding, repairing and cleaning of conveyor belts, as well as wear protection. For functional reliability and above-average durability of conveyor belts.

System Protection

System Protection

Correx® rubber lining reduces the likelihood of changes from corrosion and wear and enhances productivity in conveyor belt systems.

Rubber Coatings

เว็บพนันบอล ที่ดีที่สุดRubber Coatings

Profiled Correx® Rubber Coatings for drive pulleys in conveyor belt systems.

Adhesives and solutions

Adhesives and Solutions

One-component and two-component adhesives and solutions for time-saving and cost-effective system maintenance in many areas.

Cleaning the belt

Cleaning the belt

Combi Scraper with a long service life for a wide range of applications.